Eurohike Air Tube – Black, Black

The Replacement Air Tubes from Eurohike are suited to the Berghaus Air range of tents. When the air beams have been punctured, burst or damaged, the replacement air poles serve as a direct successor, improving the life and longevity of the tent.PLEASE NOTE: Leaks on your Berghaus Air Tent can be solved by tightening the valve with the valve tool that comes with the tent. Punctures can be mended using the repair kit that comes with the tent. Finally, if your air pole is damaged to the point where they can't be fixed, you will have to replace them.When looking at the tent from the side that the valve is on, the 542R Air Tube is located on the far left.A replacement air tube for inflatable Berghaus tentsCompatible with the Berghaus Air 4 tentSize: 542 RReplacing instructions includedRecommended activity - camping / family camping

Best Price: £45.00 from Millets

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Millets Eurohike Air Tube - Black, Black £45.00

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