Kelly Kettle Large Base Camp Kettle (1.6L)

King of the Kelly Kettle range. The Base Camp Kettle was used by Irish fishermen in the 19th century and became world renowned for its speed of boiling in the harshest conditions. Perfect for large groups of campers it boils 5 mugs of water in minutes.The Kelly Kettle dates back to the 19th century- an incredible design that boils water in minutes in any conditions without the need of shelter. You make a fire in the base using twigs or whatever you can find, and this heats up the water inside the kettle's internal chamber. Add extra fuel via the chimney, and once it's boiled lift the kettle from the base and pour.This fantastic design means you never need to carry fuel with you- so you save weight and reduce your environmental impact. The 'Base Camp' Kettle is geared towards large groups of campers, whether you're out in the wilds of Africa or the higlands of Scotland. Combine with the Kelly Cook Set and you can use the flames to cook food for the whole group. It's truly versatile, eco-conscious camping.FeaturesEco-friendly carbon neutral cookingBoils 5 mugs of water in minutes in any conditions with no need for shelterCombine with the Kelly Cook Set to use as a camping cookerStainless steel1.6L capacityFire base and drawstring carry bag included

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Blacks Kelly Kettle Large Base Camp Kettle (1.6L) £42.00
Millets Kelly Kettle Large 'Base Camp' Kettle (1.6L) - £42.00

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