Kelly Kettle Pot-Support (fits all Kelly Kettles)

Sturdy aluminium pot support that's compatible with any of the Kelly Kettles, to allow the Kelly Cook Set to be placed on top and harness the heat from the Kettle.The Kelly Kettle dates back to the 19th century- an incredible design that boils water in minutes in any conditions without the need of shelter. You make a fire in the base of the kettle, using twigs or whatever you can find, and this heats up the water inside the kettle that sits in an internal chamber.  Add extra fuel via the chimney, and once it's boiled lift the kettle from the base and pour. What's great is you can be boiling water and cooking at the same time by harnessing the flame from the fire and placing the Kelly Kettle Cook Set on top. This pot support allows you to do just that, and is compatible with any of their fantastic range of Kettles.FeaturesEco-friendly carbon neutral cookingFits any Kelly KettleAllows you to place the Kelly Cook Set on top of the kettleCan be disassembled, flat-packed and inserted up the chimney of the kettle for easy transport

Best Price: £4.50 from Blacks, Millets

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Blacks Kelly Kettle Pot-Support (fits all Kelly Kettles) £4.50
Millets Kelly Kettle Pot-Support (Fits All Kelly Kettles) - £4.50

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