Slime Slime Tube 26 X 1.75-2.12 –

Innovative bike tubes that can stop punctures immediately and for up to 2-years! The tubes come filled with Slime sealant, which can instantly seal multiple puncture points simultaneously. Head out without your puncture repair kit and let the tubes do all the work.Pre-filled with puncture-stopping Slime sealantPresta valve stemSeals multiple puncture points at the same time - up to 3mm in sizeCan be easily cleaned with waterNon-toxic, non-flammableDimensions: 26" x 1.75 - 2.125"

Best Price: £9.00 from Millets

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Millets Slime Slime Tube 26 X 1.75-2.12 - £9.00

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